Rol Yapma Oyunları

"Weary of the world around ye? Welcome to my world, where magic rules and dragons fly. Beauty meets the eye often here, and anyone can try to win a throne! Oh, aye, ye can do that in your world, too. But it's all more fun here."


PDB-6 is a point-distribution based, no-class, no-level, DM-heavy RPG system with a very light learning curve. It only uses six-sided dices, and all the rules can be summarized in a couple of pages. I design the system for a casual game experience with experienced gamers as well as newbies. Please click the cover for the rules book.

Karakter Kağıtları

PDB6 system is highly versatile and it can be modified to play in various SciFi and non-SciFi settings. Here I share the character sheets (and rules booklets) for some of the common settings I have DMed in.